Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Man's absolute taboos in love

When men love the absolute taboo: Do not ask a woman for the former things, after all, the last thing that you then can not stand more that a simple question mark you always in his heart.
Also, you do not, and too many things in the past, she said, especially how you used to how affectionate, how to do self-esteem how to love another woman.
Do not have a virgin, though now this society, there is a virgin who is not much, but in the end a man, more or less would mind, remember put themselves in a state of mind.
Not too much male chauvinism, and now the new era of women, who no longer obey the former is a small woman, and too male chauvinism, people will not stand.
Do not bring her morale, you can talk to her, but do not question the work of her temper.
Do not praise someone else's face to a beautiful woman, a woman Well, never feel that they are the best, you can boast some other woman, like her inner beauty, which made her feel more than the deficiencies, but also know how to work to correct themselves.

The old man's longevity secret: speaking nore honeyed words

"Good words a warm three winter", warm is not only obedient people, as well as the speaker himself. For the elderly, often say a few "sweet talk", but also allow yourself smiling and heart wide gas and can be regarded as a good longevity.
There was a 104-year-old woman, good health, but also to do needlework. When her TV interview, talking about his longevity: insensitive, eat, sleep, heart wide Zuitian, rejoice Going, smile on his face every day.
Indeed, joy, peace of mind for the elderly in terms of the most rare and most valuable. With increasing age and physical function decline, many elderly heart breeds pessimism, people have become boring, lonely, which is more terrible than the physical disease risks. The mouth, sweeter, more praise to others, people are more concerned about positive, positive factors beneficial to create a good interpersonal atmosphere, can bring peace and happiness and tranquil and simple joy.
Of course, "Zuitian" not always talk about things more than others unprincipled to accommodate the flatter, it needs to put yourself thinking of other people, found each other's advantages, understand their difficulties, but also to define their identity, role, a good grasp of speaking time.

The secret which man care about most

First, be ridiculed timid and cowardly
There has always been a hero to save the United States is said, but men like beauty, so the man's reckoning, and hope that he is a hero to admire beauty.
Second, the appearance was critical
I always thought that only women would care about his appearance, in fact, men are very concerned about. This is a friend recently handed in a girlfriend, has been fairly standard body felt strong enough, not enough security to his girlfriend was.
Third, when another man boast in his face
For the woman does not want another man boast in his face, like a woman, men also face mind when he praised a woman to another man, even if this man is a woman's relatives or friends of men.
Fourth, be Jieduan
Same face, in fact, the issue also involves a man, imagine if a woman was exposed when you are on a particular day in a certain place, made a double eyelid surgery, I think that time will feel very unhappy, right? not to fight the so-called beating face, curse not Jieduan, exposing human weaknesses originally villain behavior, even intimate love and then do not easily step in this restricted area.

Husband and wife should learn to bickering

Recently, the U.S. Department of Psychology at Harvard Medical School professor Laurie marriage expert, pointed out in a media interview, couples often "pointless dispute" is divided into two kinds. Learn to avoid and respond to such bickering, is that each couple must master the "Getting Started marriage skills."
Something for the distant quarrel. Mr. Hector and his wife Mary, hope that one day buying a big house. Every time I go better living conditions after their friend's house guest, the couple will bicker: what the future is to buy a house in the city with convenient transportation, or living in the suburbs of the city with fresh air? Their different opinions, each side. But the reality is, to their income, four or five years can not afford housing. In fact, if disputes do in a very long period of time will not be implemented, that is a waste of breath, is the best way to end. At this point the wise wife will say: "Do not waste your tongue, and so when necessary to discuss it."
Factual dispute. Hector and Mary go shopping. Mary believes that many so-called discount items, discount is not high. "No, do not discount the discount can call you?" Hector retorted. His wife insisted that this is just the cover to attract customers. You come to me a few words, a dispute is inevitable. Husband and wife have their own very hard to determine that you are wrong, but the other time, was furious. In view of this factual question, the best solution is: "We find a chance to see go."

Women marrage to the man who is 5 years old than them is the most happiest

In marriage, the husband than his wife more than 4 years old men and women be considered large. The age difference between men and women, many people have become tolerant. Now, 4-8 years of age males than females seem to make a lot of people calmly accepted, but the age difference of more than 10 years of age, still been criticized. However, in many domestic and foreign scholars, such marriages are very happy, but also more stable.
Recently, European scientists have done a survey, age is a key weight stable marriage. University of Bath, Dr. Emanuel Silver Ranier 1,534 couples conducted a tracking survey showed that maintaining a strong marriage can be the best couple model is governed by both men and women had higher education and no history of divorce, while man woman older than 5 years of age. The researchers said the bride is older than 5 years is not easy to produce contradictory combination of age, and their marriage, the divorce rate for the other 1 / 6.
In addition, a study found that the University of Vienna, if the husband than his wife 4-6 years old, most children born; and her husband than his wife of 15 years, although the small number of births, but most happy marriage.

The four kinds of psychology that why man needs woman's understanding

Man's mind is the real secret of the secret. 'd Rather die like a man will reveal scars! There is no reason to criticize the man keep the secret, and unlock secrets to a man just to give more understanding.
Everyone loved ones on the side past the curiosity, want to have all the love, it is an instinct, the instinct of love. But once you know, in addition to pain, but also what is left? Love requires sincerity, but also need to have secrets. The so-called secret is to give love a space for love, free to breathe, to keep love fresh and mysterious.
Men are players, if a man like drag racing, but also a football center, in front of the charm of a woman will suddenly surge, so few men gotta be real ability will be one of the worst have to play with the same norm-like, so as not to lose face in front of a woman.
One theory is that men will have a one-off every 6 minutes fantasies, only when he is busy with that thing no longer think of it. In every 6 minutes to a back row to 6 days after, the men began to need to do something about it, but the anxiety of men and few women know.
The ideal woman type of tough guy Ken Takakura image so that men do not cry easily learned, so a young age, men deny their own emotional habits --- some teeth in the pharynx to the stomach, giving children too much love long a sign of weakness.

Why do man become fragile?

Material on the hard men temperament, can be seen everywhere in life, abound. In order to strengthen this impression, the men's fashion face because of the situation change. Came the "Call of the Mountain", the Chinese men to learn the look of Ken Takakura, quiet, playing deep. It is said that men play deep, but most can capture a woman heart. Soon, in the film and television, the Naiyouxiaosheng aesthetic been abandoned, fear and "sissy" winded. The market value of rough men increased significantly. Even if you look like a butcher, speaking in a hoarse throat, hoarse rough, rugged performance can still be beautiful singer, and described as unique. Shaved head, a look of murderous, Mankouzanghua, act like hooligans, look absolutely like from "down the hill," the man is popular, that the pride he has rivers and lakes, people do not spit out the bones bite, aggressive, cool! This aesthetic fashion change, which are derived from a core: a man, not rough, not hard, not hard, do not call men. This mutation and urban men like to go to Africa from the same tribes of cannibals, psychological, also tired of eating the bread and coffee and thought back to try coarse grains nobles Valley habit, with faint trace strands linked.
Biased from a misreading of the man. The aesthetic of men, we only stay on the surface texture is superficial.